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Here’s what some of our Lakewood, WA customers are saying about us:

As a customer of some 6+ years I've gotten a chance to know the mechanics and staff fairly well. They're young, experienced and usually know what they're doing. Sometimes their diagnostic computer- like all systems- have "blind spots" and only age and experience can save the day.

Rule of thumb: If you replace the water pump, you change out the thermostat at the same time or vice versa because if one goes the other is close to going too. That's a little trick none of the boys had been taught in school, nor by experience. Needless to say they were surprised when I had both replaced- saved money on the hourly rate- and imagine their surprise when they discovered the pump shaft had broke.

I'm old, arthritic, usually as mean as a bear with a sore tooth and have been known to use "colorful metaphors" to make my point.

According to a detailed report, I've spent some $4500 on one specific vehicle; and right now considering having them do an engine and transmission swap at the same time for the same principal- you've got it open, fix it while it's open. Yeah, this is going to cost some serious money- more than the jeeps worth. But compared to a NEW Jeep Grand Cherokee,,,,,its about 20%.

Google User Google Review

I love these guys! I have been using them for basic car maintenance since they had the shop on Gravelly Lake Drive. They are honest, good at what they do, and they will not try to "up sell" you on something that you do not need. I used to cringe when I would need to get my oil changed because I hate telling people "no" and it's as if the dealerships would see me coming! I don't have to worry about that with Auto Lube. I take a book to sit back in their lobby and read while the car is being worked on but, honestly, I rarely get to the book because by the time I have said my "hello's" to the folks in the office and sat down, my car is done! They answer your questions without making you feel like someone that knows nothing about cars. I have referred everyone I know to these guys for services. Exceptional shop!

Stephanie Skinner Google Review

Dave is a great person to deal with; he is one of the few honest autocare people (shops) out there. He is reasonably and will always try his best to accommodate your needs. If he can not he will refer you somewhere that is accountable. We had a manifold problem and he noticed we were just under our warranty deadline. He wrote up a quote but told us to go to the dealer to get it fixed. With his outline of the problem the dealership went right to work. Thanks Dave and (Autolube-D&S Autocare) he saved us from a $1800 bill!

John Nystrom Google Review

They are the best bunch I've had the pleasure of dealing with. They were honest and explained everything. I've been to other mechanics that weren't as honest or thorough in fixing the problems and getting my problems handled. I won't go anywhere else!!!

Tammy Houston Google Review

Friendly staff and Great service. Won't go anywhere else!

Amanda Vernoy Google Review

I have known the Runkel family for many years when the first Autolube that they had was on Gravelly Lake Drive.

They are very caring people, have great employees, a passion for helping others and their service is exceptional.

Last Saturday in the pouring rain, my windshield wipers began to operate very slowly, to the point where it was difficult to see. I was able to get my car to Autolube at around 4:30 p.m.

Customers were waiting for their vehicles and all of the technicians were busy, but Kris, the Service Adviser, diagnosed the problem, ordered the part, pulled the old part off of my vehicle and put the new one on and I was on my way.

If it wasn't for Kris and his outstanding work ethic, attitude and compassion for others, my car could have easily sat there until Monday morning leaving me stranded.

Michael Ritter Google Review

I had a great experience with this automotive shop. The employees were very professional and have experience it their job. They all work hard and will find the problem that you are having with your car. Your car will get fully inspected and make sure there are no other problems with the car,they let you know parts that are in need to be replaced. I left with my car feeling safe and I plan to come back when it is needed. I recommend this automotive shop to everyone that has car problems.
Thank you Auto lube for all you have done and making my car safe for me to drive.

Jessica Shipman Google Review

Shop was very fast on fixing my car the first time A+++++

Gustavo Flores Google Review

Best place in Tacoma

TW Thompson Google Review

5 stars!

Aaron Hagan Google Review

5 stars!

Ian Michaels Google Review

5 stars!

Francisco Figueroa Google Review

4 stars!

Mark Griggs Google Review

I've been going here for a little while and I've always had great service. The staff is extremely nice, friendly, and the work is well done. Prices are great too! Never very expensive. I've had a lot of problems with Jiffy Lube, even with simple oil changes, so this place is such a relief. They've always been able to see me either same-day or at my convenience the next day. I recently got my timing belt replaced for hundreds of dollars less than other places because they don't charge outlandishly high prices for labor but the work done is still good. Would highly recommend!

Gabriella B. Yelp

So impressed with this place. Had to jump my husbands SUV this morning and immediately took it to Autolube, which I picked based off of good online reviews. I'm a mechanics daughter, picky about where I take my vehicles and wanted to avoid big name companies and getting ripped off.
The gentleman behind the counter was quick, polite and showed me the coffee, water and super comfy couches while I was waiting. I used their wifi with no problems for my 1-1.5 hour wait, which is pretty impressive since I dropped in without an appointment to get a battery charge, oil change, tail light replaced and a seal replaced. They checked with me before doing anything above what I came in for and the end price was extremely good, even before military discount!
They quoted me on spark plugs, which was within $10 of the quote I had previously received from a shop on base. I will be back!

Carlee S. Yelp

I moved to Tacoma area recently from Anchorage, Alaska and needed a place to go when my car started having issues. The people at NAPA across the street suggested AutoLube Tire so I figured I would give it a chance.

My battery was putting out way too much voltage so I hopped over to AutoLube right before they closed. Although they weren't able to fix it until the next day, they were able to tell me that my car should be fine to get me to work the next day, and that I should bring my car in ASAP. I brought in my car the next day and the servicemen replaced my alternator right away. They also spotted a cracked timing belt and called me with a very reasonable quote, which saved me a bunch of money in the long run! I wasn't charged for any extra labor either.

The facility was clean and everyone was extremely friendly, prompt, and respectful. I have and will continue to go back here for all my automotive needs.

Krystal O. Yelp

Have been taking both auto's here since I moved to Lakewood 3 years ago. HONEST & KNOWLEGABE PEOPLE!!! Took one car in last year to look at the brakes. "They have 40%...come back in the spring." Firestone wanted $178!!! (another story) to warrenty out and replace a 72 month battery that lasted 30 months........Auto Lube sold and installed a 72 month battery for $95. They installed an oil sensor unit on the other car that went south after a year(oil light on all the time) and they replaced it labor charge either. Did a full brake job on my older Stratus....well done job and reasonable.

These folks are a great find....esp. if you are not car savvy . I have heard them speak to customers (esp. women) and everything I heard was straight up no BS info. Not trying to turn a $100 job into a $500 job.. I have 100% confidence level with Dave and his crew.

Bruce S. Yelp

Veteran owned, honest service, free fluid top offs for repeat customers. Skip Jiffy Lube and come here to get your oil changed!

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